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ASAP Grape - Nasty Juice
Nasty Juice

ASAP Grape - Nasty Juice

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ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice

Asap Grape is the name of the vape juice that you are going to want to get as soon as possible. When you take a pull of this blend, you are going to get several flavors rushing into your mouth almost instantly. The grape flavor is obviously the star of the show here, which is why it is the first fruit to welcome itself in. The grapes are going to taste as rich as the ones you can taste at a popular vineyard that makes sure the grapes that they produce are the best ones. However, it is clear that the owners of this specific vineyard made an intelligent business decision to create a memorable e liquid as opposed to several wine bottles. As you are savoring this blend, you are beginning to taste a couple sweet and tart berry notes that are going to enhance the flavors of this salt e liquid. You are also going to taste a couple of extra fruity notes that are going to make your mouth water. The throat hit is going to be smooth and allow the flavors of this blend to become more potent. When you think it is time to let all of the flavors out of your system, you slowly begin to breathe out. The gentle exit is already going to convince you that you should definitely go for a couple more hits. 

Primary Flavor: Grape, Strawberry
PG/VG Ratio: 30/70
Nicotine Level: 3mg